What Can We Offer

Live Streaming

PlanSee offers you 24/7 live streaming for execution with 7 days of plays back, using IOT technology to monitor everything in the process wherever you are.

Design Package
(Art Work)

1. Interior / exterior 2D design.
2. General Mood Board.
3. Specific Mood Board.
4. 3D Shoots.
5. Working Drawing.
6. As Built Drawings.

Interior / Exterior Execution

PlanSee divided execution into four different phases and delivered each phase alone, deal with PlanSee will break your execution process to work with each phase.

Account Management

PlanSee has an Account Manager, especially for you, who provides you with any information you need, and manages your project from day one till you receive your unit ready and finished.


PlanSee provides you with weekly performance reports which help you to follow the progress of your project day by day.

Project Management

PlanSee offers you a scheduled time plan for your project that explains the time frame for the project & dates of payments.

Quality Management

Plansee put 20 years of experience in your hands to offer you the best quality of work in both design & execution.


Plansee offers you a warranty for all the works executed or supervised by the company in your unit.


PlanSee offers you maintenance service after the end of the warranty with no extra fees to keep a lifetime relationship with customers.

Quality Assurance

Plansee offers you quality assurance by monitoring the execution process by the design team.

3D videos

PlanSee creative 3D videos that will let you feel your design and live in and feel every inch of your unit.

Engineers and labors team

PlanSee offers you a well-trained team of engineers and laborers to ensure the delivery of the best quality in your unit.

[ our benefits ]

Ambitious Studio with a Successful Concept & Ideas

Customer Focus

Customers choose us for the simplicity of communication and an understanding of what it’s necessary to receive in the end.


We develop a full cycle of project documentation: an outline sketch, a design project, working documentation.

Multi Experience

We provide a wide range of services, we work in different styles, we project commercial and residential properties.

Author`s Supervision

We develop an attractive and convenient space for work and leisure time, working on units, selecting materials, manufacturers.


Our Philosophy in Simply and Quality Design


Certified high-class specialists.

Experience & Skills

Certified high-class specialists.

Customer Focus

Certified high-class specialists.

[ main principes ]

A Sketch of Each Detail

Apartment Design

We’re committed in building suitable and high-quality art work

Office Design

We’re committed in building suitable and high-quality art work

Shop Design

We’re committed in building suitable and high-quality art work

House Design

We’re committed in building suitable and high-quality art work